Hi, my name is Sage Lauwerys.  I’m currently a junior at West Campus High School, a small, college-preparatory school in Southern Sacramento.  I have a passion for music, linguistics, and helping others, and I’m excited to be IMG_1651returning as an author for AccessLocal.Tv.

Over the past several months I have done my best to bring new and important stories to AccessLocal.Tv.  I am now
returning, joined by new and old Neighborhood News Correspondents, with hopes of bringing more exciting stories to local readers and viewers.

Journalism in and of itself has been a challenging and surprising experience.  Spreading messages of community involvement, as well as getting involved in the local scene, has been increasingly rewarding for me as a young reporter.  I’m happy to be returning to the Neighborhood News Correspondent Team, and I hope to continue to improve as a journalist as I reach out to local groups and organizations.

What surprised me the most about being a Neighborhood News Correspondent was discovering the passion shared by community members throughout Sacramento, particularly in Oak Park.  Filming local events focused on community involvement and improvement, and interacting with local residents who have a vision for change, has been inspiring.

I’m looking forward to working with new Neighborhood News Correspondents in order to share and spread this unique experience.  As a mentor, I have hopes of being as helpful as my mentor was when I began as a Correspondent.

I enjoy reporting on local events for the benefit of all interested viewers.  Every local event that the Neighborhood News Bureau reports on brings new people, new experiences, and new lessons to my attention and the attention of AccessLocal.Tv viewers, which is incredibly valuable.  Spreading this message of community involvement is an important aspect of journalism that is frequently neglected, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to share that message.