As stated in the Sacramento Bee’s article, “The San Joaquin Valley contained some of the state’s most vulnerable communities, due in part to high levels of particulate matter and factors associated with poverty.”

A recent article in the Sacramento Bee has given citizens some more insight into the environmental risks surrounding them. Environmental officials have now released maps that rank neighborhoods and display data concerning vulnerability to pollution and other hazards.

These maps (called CalEnviroScreen maps), are produced by the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment and have been designed to pinpoint where the greatest amounts of pollution and socioeconomic challenges are in our state. The results found in these maps should help point officials to which areas need the most attention. The areas deemed to need the most help will be receiving  greenhouse gas reduction funding, community planting grants, and more.

According to these CalEnviroScreen maps, the location needing the most consideration in our region is a neighborhood in West Sacramento. This industrial section of our city  has been ranked above the state’s 90th percentile when it comes to containing waste. The residents of this portion of Sacramento are said to have high rates of poverty and unemployment. This area also contains many elderly and young people, who are said to be more likely to suffer due to the effects of pollution.

According to the article, “The agency report suggests poverty is a significant fact in determining vulnerability, because low-income people lack sufficient health care, have poor nutrition, and suffer from substandard living conditions.”

The information was provided by census tract, which should give citizens a more accurate reading of how exposed their neighborhood is to harmful waste. The CalEnviroScreen maps are showing a lot more than just a what your zip code can tell you.

Hopefully, the insight provided by these maps should help health officials better the quality of Sacramento’s neighborhoods.

If you would like to read the Sacramento Bee’s article, you can do so here. To find out just how your very own neighborhood has been ranked, you can view more information about the maps, here.