This year’s primary state elections will be held on June 3rd, and the Sacramento Area Congregations Together (A.C.T) encourages everyone to get out and vote. A.C.T. is hosting phone banking and door knocking that will take place up until a few days before election day. The phone banking sessions will run every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday starting on April 15th and continuing until June 3rd. Door knocking will take place Saturday May 3, 17, 24, and 31st. Interested persons can report to the A.C.T. office, 2510 J Street, at 9am to receive training in door-to-door “Get Out the Vote!” techniques. These sessions are meant to target registered voters who did not vote in the last election.

A.C.T strives to inform the community about the importance of voting, especially with the serious problems the Sacramento area faces today. Sacramento County is number 2 in the state to charge youth as adults for crimes, and Sacramento has a 30% high school dropout rate.  A.C.T believes that these problems can be solved by informing the community about voting, and making sure all the registered voters get to the ballot box on June 3rd.

By no means is the A.C.T. advocating on the behalf of one particular candidate, rather it is just encouraging community members to vote in the next election. This will be Sacramento’s first District Attorney Election in 20 years, and the A.C.T. wants all able bodies to be participating in it.

“Candidates running for all offices are important,” says A.C.T. “They impact the quality of life in our community.”