On Saturday, June 14th, Always Knocking Incorporated, the Sacramento Building Healthy Communities Hub, and the Sierra Health Foundation will host “A Day in the Park: Saving Our Sons and Brothers”, an A.day.in.the.parkevent designed to celebrate male togetherness.  The free event will be located at Tahoe Park from 10 am to 3 pm.

Always Knocking Inc. is an organization that strives to promote the growth of young and grown colored men through community support and healing.

“If we’re going to heal the community, people have got to start working together,” says the organization’s founder, Gregory King.  “We have healing circles every week dealing with alcoholism and drugs.  To do something for [their] family, first, a man has to heal.”

According to naacp.org, “African Americans represent 12% of the total population of drug users, but 38% of those arrested for drug offenses, and 59% of those in state prison for a drug offense.”  Organizations like Always Knocking Inc. strive to change these statistics.

King hopes that the upcoming event will have a tremendous impact on struggling community members.  The event is open to boys and men of color, as well as ten informational or non-profit vendors, who RSVP by May 10th.

“We’ll be celebrating the work that we’ve been doing, and we’ll also celebrate the work that we will continue to do,” King adds. “The celebration is going to be huge, [but] you’ve got to come to the event to find out [what’s happening].” 

Anyone interested in attending the event may contact King by email at loyalkingent@yahoo.com, or by phone at (916) 470.2077.

Featured image courtesy of www.wecedyouth.org.