This Friday, April 25th, Green Acres and the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services are teaming up to sponsor a free event designed to teach citizens more about how to plant a fantastic garden and keep our earth green. ‘Garden Day’ will be full of booths, plant experts, useful demonstrations, and opportunities to sign up for free gardening classes.

Sacramento’s second annual Garden Day is expected to attract over 300 people interested in learning gardening techniques, cooking tips, and participating in fun, family-friendly activities. These participants will be offered a complimentary lunch and a free pepper plant, a tomato plant, and a bag of soil.

Garden Day

The Demonstration Garden has been teaching people in the community gardening resources since the Spring of 2012.

“The community greatly benefits from SFBFS’ events such as Garden Day,” says Kelly Siefkin, Director of Communications and Development for the Sacramento Food Bank. “The day promotes growing food and consuming healthy produce. Families who may not have the knowledge or resources to start a garden on their own will now have the opportunity.”

The program began during the Spring of 2012 with the simple idea that people in the region would jump at the chance to start their own gardens in their front or back yards. Ever since, the Demonstration Garden has been maintained by a staff member and some volunteers. The Demonstration Garden hosts free classes hosted by gardening professionals. During these classes, interested citizens can learn more about gardening, composting, irrigation, container gardening, backyard chickens, and more.

Garden Day will start at 11 a.m. and wrap up at about 3 p.m. The Demonstration Garden is located at 3333 Third Avenue.

If you would like to attend a class hosted by the Sacramento Food Bank’s Demonstration garden, you can take a look at the class schedule.