Many Sacramento residents know about and have become used to street sweepers, the big trucks that have brushes on their bottom and pass by while people sleep. It used to be that the street sweepers in Oak Park would come around periodically every 3 to 4 weeks, but residents have noticed that lately its been months before they come back to sweep.

When the street sweepers do come by they leave the streets worse than they were before, claims Joanna Santos,  a lifelong Oak Park resident.

“They came by on Thursday, but the street looks worse than it did the day before,” said Santos. “They just move the dirt around.”

The average monthly utility  bill in Oak Park is over $100 according to several residents. That is a lot of money for Santos, who is self dependent.

“The utilities bill includes different things, but one of them is street sweeping. It just isn’t worth paying it when they hardly come around,” said Santos.

With Sacramento in one of the worst droughts of its modern history, Santos tries to do her part to use less water. But she’s left with little options but to spray water to clean her gutter after the sweepers pass.

“They just pass by and move the dirt around while getting the road wet. Once it dries it’s a bunch of dust flying around cars and into people’s lungs,” said Santos. “I usually have to go out and wash my gutter.”

Santos wouldn’t mind paying her street sweeping bill if the trucks came on a regularly scheduled basis and let residents know in advance that they are coming.

“If we knew they were coming, we would all try and make the effort to bring our cars in the driveway so they can sweep the streets correctly,” said Santos.

Many other Oak Park residents have had the same issue and want something to change.