One of America’s leading advocates in providing health education, HealthCorps, is currently searching for new coordinators in the Sacramento area. These coordinators would be in charge of leading school and community based programs designed to heighten physical, mental, and emotional health. HealthCorps employees are keen on spreading lessons in fitness and tailoring the next generation for long, healthy lives.


HealthCorps coordinators should be passionate about health and be able to lead and participate in community outreach programs. Image courtesy of

Founded in 2003 by renowned heart surgeon, author, and talk show host Mehmet Oz, HealthCorps has launched a huge number of health education programs throughout America. As stated on, their mission is to “implement an innovative in-school model that inspires teens to make healthier choices for themselves and their families.”

HealthCorps is looking nationally for new coordinators, especially in areas that are considered as having high-need populations. Each coordinator is stationed at a specific school to mentor high school students and teach curriculum in nutrition, exercise, and mental strength. Coordinators should be able to communicate well with school staff members and plan and lead after-school outreach programs. Applicants are expected to be able to attend summer training programs and ongoing professional development sessions throughout the year.

Many HealthCorps coordinators are youths. They serve as peer-mentors that can connect easily to the students they are teaching. These peer-mentors must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, some experience working with their community, strong interpersonal skills, ability to work on multiple projects at once, be self-motivated, and inspired to share HealthCorps mission with the community.

Interested applicants must fully complete a Coordinator Application form, supply a resume no longer than one page long, and write an essay explaining what makes them an ideal candidate, including specific examples of their health awareness background and leadership skills. These applicants must also complete a FitTown project and submit a one minute video demonstrating how they promote their project. Accepted coordinators will be committed to two years of full-time service.

Interviews will be held this spring for positions beginning in July of 2014. The third and final application deadline for HealthCorps coordinators is April 30th, so it is essential that anyone interested in the position apply as soon as possible.

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