With the school year coming to a close, school districts in California are assembling and submitting their Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAPS). In order for these plans to properly take effect, they need to be turned in for processing by July 1st, 2014.

Local Control Funding Formula

The Local Control Funding Formula is expected to bring $15 billion to school districts in California over the next 8 years. Image courtesy of lcff.childrennow.org.

The Local Control Accountability Plans are expected to explain how the extra money received through the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) would help maximize student achievement. The plans will describe the district’s goals and strategies for the next three years. A budget must also be created in order to connect these funds to the set goals.The district will gain more funds for every student it has that is low-income, and English learner, or a foster youth.

“Stakeholders can also compare their own goals and priorities to those reflected in the LCAP, as well as ensure that the Plan addresses all 8 State Priority Areas,” said Mary Lou Fulton, Senior Program Manager of the California Endowment. “Our hope is that our LCFF website and the information shared there can help stakeholders read, assess and understand their district’s LCAP and think about what school success means in their community.”

These plans are expected to meet the 8 priority areas for schools, which include student achievement, implementation of common core standards, course access, student engagement, basic services, school climate, and more.

Next school year, the Local Control Funding Formula is expected to take off, providing more funds to schools with students who have additional academic needs. During the course of the next 8 years, the Local Control Funding Formula is expected to give an additional $15 billion to schools in California, with most of the funds benefiting school districts that support students with high-needs.

For more information about the Local Control Accountability Plans, you can visit healthhappenshere.com.