The City of Sacramento’s “Caring Neighborhoods” initiative is a program of the Adult Services Division that launched in October 2013. Their goal is to reach out to neighborhoods and to help build awareness about the issues of aging in Sacramento. The program wants  to create small groups that will promote independence, reduce isolation, and ensure the safety and well-being of elder neighbors.

According to a post from the Caring Neighborhood program, as elderly people face more issues with their health and other things as they get older, some become reluctant to ask for help. Othertimes people don’t want to get involved in someone else’s life so they stay away from elderly people although they may need help.

“The Caring Neighborhoods program has the potential to improve the quality of life of Sacramento elders by expanding the ‘resource pie’ to include neighborhood residents as part of the solution,” says Program Coordinator Martha Paterson-Cohen. “As a result, and the larger goal of the program, elders can continue living at home safely and independently.”

The Caring Neighborhood program wants to help elderly people out in anyways possible, from helping them with their lawn to changing a light bulb for them.

The program is looking for residents willing to partner up with two more people to form a group in your neighborhood.

For more information about starting a Caring Neighborhoods group, please contact Martha Paterson-Cohen, Program Coordinator at (916) 842-7782

Photo courtesy of Flickr.