On Sunday March 30th, The Yisrael Family Farm partnered with Ubuntu Green to throw a party at Jack Davis Park on 43rd St and 16th Avenue. There was food, a bounce house, music, raffle prizes, face painting, and balloons. It was an invitation to community members to come out and meet each other in a fun, healthy, and safe environment.

Ubuntu Green and The Yisrael Family Farm are both organizations that are focused on empowering the people of Oak Park through education and community involvement.  Ubuntu Green and The Yisrael family farm have small farming plots in Oak Park. Chanuk Yisrael, founder of the Yisrael Family farm operates his own farm out of his own backyard.

“This event was organized to allow members to form a neighborhood association and have a voice in their own community,” says Chanuk Yisrael, “We eventually want to have everyone participating in vacant lot cleanups, and in the end turn those lots into gardens. It all depends on what the people want.”

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The Oak Park community is having a large array of problems with the ongoing gang war, so this was something positive and very much-needed for the community.

The Yisrael Family Farm hopes to become a place of convergence for Oak Park youth. There is a full-scale farm in Chanuk Yisrael’s backyard, completely equipped with chickens, planter beds, a small orchard, a greenhouse, a compost site, and a family of pit-bulls. When the youth come out to his farm and learn how to grow food and interact with their fellow community members, there will be a huge improvement in the Oak Park neighborhood.