SacHasTalent_LogoAccess Sacramento’s premiere benefit talent show “Sacramento Has Talent” will feature a dozen premium local performers, all hoping to be named champion in the 2nd annual televised stage show April 10 at The Crest Theatre in downtown Sacramento.

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Performer Line up  (Alphabetical order-Click each Link for more on the performers)

Amiah is a 13-year-old singer from Woodland who last year won a local talent competition there and was auditioned into Sacramento Has Talent based on a YouTube video demonstrating her personal style during last year’s “Chalk It Up!” community event in downtown Sacramento.

Singer Micayla Brim wowed the judges in a Sacramento Has Talent open audition two weeks ago with a powerful performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” the Judy Garland standard from The Wizard of Oz.

Madeline “Anime Girl” Roa is sure to turn hearts aglow with her unconventional dance performance. She has been a flow artist for two years, performing hoop, flow wand, and staff.

Handstand Nation

Handstand Nation


Handstand Nation is a local performance troupe who believes almost everything is better upside down. Reminiscent of acrobatic group featured in Las Vegas’ Cirque Du Soleil, the audience can expect some amazing acrobatic feats.

HANS Eberbach is one of Sacramento ’s most loved performers. After a successful run with a popular Sacramento cover band, he’s packing nightclubs with his music.

The Hijinx Dancers are a hip-hop dance group from Sacramento whose high energy moves thrill audiences with both their precision connected with contemporary rhythms.

Rebecca Peters was also selected during the Sacramento Has Talent Open Audition. Judges complemented her vocal range, connection with the audience and poise.

Performing contemporary and traditional Filipino dance, the Sinag-tala Theater Ensemble was a thrilling dance troupe featured during last November’s Asian Performing Arts Festival at The Crest. Precision dancing to music accompanied by bamboo rods that threaten to capture the dancers’ feet as they move is always a captivating performance.

Comedian Tapan Trivedi brings an unmatched wit to the stage. The observations of the Indian-born Trivedi helped in winning a slot on Showtime’s Coexist Comedy tour.

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