As stated on, food literacy is understanding the impact of your food choices on your health, the environment, and our community.

From March 20th to the 30th, the Sacramento Food and Film Festival returns for its third annual showing and is better than ever. The presentations will take place in various locations throughout the Sacramento area. All proceeds go directly to the California Food Literacy Center. Those interested can get tickets for any day between March 20th and 30th ranging from free to $40 here.

The Food and Film Festival will showcase all sorts of interesting footage, from dramas, to documentaries, to comedies. Not only does this event generate funds for a wonderful cause, but it also provides children with an entertaining way to learn more about what it means to be healthy.

“We are proud to be the beneficiary of such a creative event that not only gives people the opportunity to enjoy the amazing food of the Sacramento region, but also helps spread food literacy through the creative medium of film,” said Amber Stott, the Founding Executive Director of the California Food Literacy Center, in a recent article concerning the event. “We look forward to good food and good conversations.”

Since July 2011, the California Food Literacy Center has been striving to educate California’s youth in the importance of nutrition. The organization began when Stott realized that people in the community needed to further their knowledge concerning what they put into their bodies. From there, the non-profit organization blossomed into the largely-sponsored and influential group that it is today.

Many students who have taken a health class would agree that the importance of eating nutritionally has been repeated to them over and over. So, if they know it already, why do many Americans refuse to eat right? According to, only 25% of Americans eat the recommended five servings of fruit and veggies daily.

The main goal of the California Food Literacy Center is to spread knowledge about the food that we eat to the youth in our region. These youths then go home and tell their parents, who in turn tell their co-workers. With a lot of effort and word-of-mouth, Sacramento children and their families will increase the chances of having a healthier generation.

To read more about the California Food Literacy Center, you can visit their website.

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