imageOne thing which many communities thrives for is excellence. Excellence can be defined many ways, and many people have their own point of view. Integrating excellence in a community can mean having an eye-popping appearance, a lot of interaction within the community, and even maybe an extravagant reputation.

To help residents reach their goals within a community, the Ubuntu Green organization was created. Ubuntu is supported by the California Endowment, The California Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and U.C. Davis.

This non-profit organization promotes healthy, eco-friendly, communities. In the name itself, Ubuntu means the ethic philosophy emphasizing community, sharing and generosity. Although the roots of this word trace back to Southern African origins, let’s not distract from the fact that Ubuntu Green wants to spread this concept in places as small as South Sacramento.

In a recent project, Ubuntu partnered with Mutual Housing California for a project at a Lemon Hill location. Residents and volunteers were welcomed to a garden build at an apartment complex.

Ubuntu Green can be contacted through their website at An even easier way to contact Ubuntu Green is through Facebook On their Facebook page, Ubuntu Green, you will find recent projects, upcoming project, pictures, and other organization they partner with.

Ubuntu encourages you to connect and learn. So as they say, get ready to bring gloves and a fun attitude!