Attention all students who participate in leadership activities, have a grade point average of 2.5 or above, and are graduating seniors attending an accredited college or university; the California Legislative Black Caucus is offering a $1,000 scholarship  to deserving students who are in good academic standing.

According to the Black Caucus website, “candidates must complete the CLBC scholarship application and Personal Statement essay describing why they want to be selected. In addition, two letters of recommendation and a certified copy of the most recent transcript are required and must be submitted with the application and essay.”

After completing the required materials, applicants must submit their applications to their Black Caucus representative’s address by May 31st. If you do not know your representative, please click this link to locate him or her.

This scholarship is not limited to just African American students, anyone can apply. As a matter of fact students of all races are encouraged to apply.

Official applications open up on April 1st, and run for 60 days. If you would like to get a head start on your application, here is the link.

Members of the California Legislative Black Caucus have been, “bearers for equality, guardians for justice, and advocates of opportunity for residents in our Golden State”

For the past two years, the CLBC has also hosted a program called “African American Leaders of Tomorrow”, which introduces high achieving African American students to the legislative process of California, while providing  networking opportunities with successful California citizens.

The Black Caucus is dedicated to helping the people of our state, so sign up for their scholarship before it’s too late.