00-00-06-22-69-84-6226984_1819513From March 20th to the 30th, the annual Sacramento Food & Film Festival will host a ten day series of events throughout the city designed to “showcase food themed documentaries,” alongside a delicious meal (sacfoodfilmfest.com).  The Sacramento Food & Film Festival’s proceeds will go to the California Food Literacy Center, an organization devoted to public health education.

The California Food Literacy Center’s message is “to create change today for a healthy, sustainable tomorrow through community food education.” (californiafoodliteracy.org)

The Sacramento Food & Film Festival has continued to flourish and expand since its creation in 2012.  At the time, the Festival was a twelve hour event, located at the Guild Theater, which incorporated food trucks, food and health oriented documentaries, and an abundance of foodies eager to discuss their thoughts.  In 2013, the event spanned two days and included a group discussion, a scavenger hunt, and fresh sushi prepared by Chef Jiro Ono.

This year, the Sacramento Food & Film Festival will show seven films and documentaries at six different venues.  The Festival’s wide range of films and documentaries, from “Beer Wars” to “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs,” has something to offer for all audiences.  Prices range from $40 to free of charge.

Events at the Sacramento Food & Film Festival will include “4-course meals, beer tasting, spaghetti dinners, family entertainment, panel discussions, and award-winning documentaries,” (eventbrite.com).  Tickets for the event may sell out, but are currently available for purchase here.

For more information about the Sacramento Food Film Festival, including a full list of upcoming events and venues, visit their website or check out the Sacramento Food & Film Festival Facebook page.  

.california food literacy center.