On Saturday, March 15th, WALKSacramento will host the Franklin Blvd Walk and Bike Audit. Participants will help survey the infrastructure available to bicyclists and walkers along Franklin Blvd, and look to see what needs improvements are needed to give all pedestrians access to the local businesses found in the area. Photos and videos will be collected for an assessment that will be given to the City of Sacramento as recommendations for what needs to be changed. The ultimate goal is to ensure that pedestrians of all ages can safely travel on Franklin Blvd.

“The walk and bike audit will particularly address car traffic speed, crossings and access to local businesses,” says Terry Preston, Complete Streets Project Coordinator for WALKSacramento. “The goal is to create a vibrant and safe environment for both local residents and visitors to the corridor to enjoy the benefits of the many goods and services available. This will boost economic life and create a greater sense of community along the corridor.”

WALKSacramento has worked throughout the city to create safe environments for pedestrians to avoid street traffic and have access to local businesses around the area. One of their notable projects was a partnership with the city planners to develop plans for transportation to and from the entertainment and sports developments taking place downtown. Having done all of this great work, their sights are set on tackling the problems with the infrastructure along Franklin Blvd. It is home to a variety of restaurants and stores that receive less foot traffic than other similar business areas.

WALKSacramento works to make the City of Sacramento more accessible to pedestrians.

WALKSacramento works to make the City of Sacramento more accessible to pedestrians.

WALKSacramento wants to make sure that inaccessibility doesn’t factor into customer’s decision to walk or drive to these businesses.

“Areas like the Franklin Blvd commercial corridor offer great potential for creating walkable and sustainable routes but have traditionally seen less public investment in infrastructure,” Preston explains. “The March 15th walk and bike review will help bring new focus to the area.”

The end result of this initiative will be a report compiled by the volunteers. Specific problems with infrastructure will be recommended for prompt repairs. In addition, stakeholders capable of providing funding will be identified and encouraged to help WALKSacramento implement their plans.

All volunteers that are able to participate are greatly appreciated. Participants will meet at 10:00 am at Carolina’s Mexican Food, 3840 Franklin Blvd, and are encouraged to wear strong, comfortable shoes. A light breakfast and lunch will be provided. Those who plan to attend should RSVP at tpreston@walksacramento.org