sol collective sound

Producer and Sol Collective staff member Eric Tagg, engineers Sacramento Artist Matty Matt’s studio session.

Sacramento rap artists Kahlil Redick, Breon Thuston-Hill, and Matty Matt all got together on Friday, February 14th to record a song for an upcoming mixtape. The vibe was right as each artist stepped into the recording booth and rapped their verses on the song.

“I’ve only been in here a few nights, and I can already hear the improvement in the quality of my music”, Kahlil says. “Sol has set the roots for Sacramento’s upcoming artists, I would still be at the house if it wasn’t for this place”

Eric Tagg uses Logic Pro to engineer his client’s music. It’s a recording program made specifically for Mac products. He looks at the recordings like a musical puzzle, putting the right pieces together to build a song. Tagg took a class in an Los Angeles music production school to learn the program mechanics.

“We’re serious about our work in here”, says Tagg. “I only do sessions with people that can show me that they’re passionate about their music.”


Local rap artists Breon Hill and Matthew Williams

Tagg believes that being connected to someone on a personal level amplifies the quality of the music. He takes on the responsibility of showing the Sacramento youth the proper way to record and present their work.

Creativity is abundant in the recording studio. Tribal paintings and bright red sound dampening foam coat the walls of the room. Its ambiance sparks the intuition within the artists that record there.

Space at Sol Collective is available to the community for event use. Click here to access the Sol Collective Facebook page. Interest parties can email Anand, the Sol Collective music production coordinator, at for more information.