Arbor Week at McKinley Park

Arbor Week at McKinley Park

On March 9th at McKinley Park, Sacramento will celebrate Arbor Week. Arbor Week is a celebration which started in 1872, and it is meant to encourage individuals to plant, care or just enjoy trees.

According to, “From March 7-14 Californians of all ages celebrate our natural wonders and most treasured resources.”

The Sacramento Tree Foundation is inviting area residents to a community picnic at one of Sacramento’s leafiest public parks, McKinley park. They’ll have activities including educational tree tours, lessons on creating bead bracelets, a chance to make a custom “I Love Tress” button, and music.

Genie Gil, an Oak Park resident and a mother of two children plans on attending. Her children love to play at the park.

“I hadn’t heard about it, but now that I have it seems like a great day to go out with the kids,” says Gil. “Emi loves to play at the park and it’d be a nice way to teach her about nature.”

She thinks this event is a great opportunity to have family time.

“We all love nature a lot,” says Gil. “My husband and kids will love to go out there and be able to spend the day with family and enjoy something that I believe is overlooked; trees.

The celebration will be from 11am to 1pm at McKinley Park On Alhambra Boulevard on March 9th.

For more information call, (916) 924-tree.