On Saturday February 1st, Ubuntu Green’s Youth Leadership squad received a $500 GABY (Grant Advisory Board for youth) Grant to build a garden shed. The program supports youth led projects that “Build Wonderful Communities”.

The youth leadership squad, also known as the G-squad, presented its project plan to the advisory board after some quality entertainment from the Sacramento Mandarins Drum Corps. Kevin Goings, the Sacramento Mandarins drum line instructor,  brought an assortment of percussion instruments, ranging from a simple bucket, to an imported African bongo drum. The Mandarins even invited the crowd to come up and try them out. At the end of the presentation, there was a drum line full of GABY-grantees.

Guest speakers at the ceremony honored grant recipients with their praise and encouragement. Dr. David Innis, West Point Military Academy graduate and motivational speaker, gave a speech about his past experiences on the island nation of Barbados, and the training he received from West Point. He left the participants with his trademark phrase “Obstacles will come, but it all depends on your perspective”, which he had the participants repeat periodically to remind them of the idiom’s practical usage.

Emilio Balingit, G-squad mentor and Ubuntu Green staff member, was happy with the group.

“I was proud of the squad when they received the grant,” said Balingit

Area residents interested in learning more can visit the Ubuntu Green Website by clicking here. Volunteers are welcome every Wednesday from 3 pm to 5pm behind the Home Cash Market on 14th Avenue and Roosevelt Way in Sacramento.