The D5 Hotspot is a recreational program open to adolescents from ages 13-19.

The D5 Hotspot is a recreational program open to adolescents from ages 13-19.

Sacramento’s Vice Mayor, Jay Schenirer, who also represents District 5 on the Sacramento City Council, has recently re-introduced a program designed to promote the recreational growth and social interaction of Sacramento’s urban youth.  This weekly program, called the D5 Hotspot, is a lively, recreational event located at the Oak Park Community Center.

Re-introduced on January 24th and recurring every Friday night, the D5 Hotspot has shown early success and promising potential.  An average of twenty-five to thirty adolescents (aged 13-19) participate in the event, with future aspirations for the attendance of seventy-five to one hundred adolescents.

A variety of activities including basketball, volleyball, ping-pong, pool, rap sessions, and video games offers a safe, interactive place for adolescents to spend time.

“We want to add more dance instructors, including break dance instructors, maybe people showing the girls how to do hair and makeup, etiquette classes, and more volleyball,” says Didi Cornelius, manager of the Oak Park Community Center.

Though programs at the Oak Park Community Center normally end at 7pm, the D5 Hotspot begins at 7 and lasts until 11 pm.  This large window of time makes the program more available to adolescents throughout Oak Park.

“The goal is to keep the kids off the street on Friday nights; our programs normally end at 7 o’clock, but on Friday we wanted to give something more to the youngsters,” Cornelius says.

The D5 Hotspot is one of many Hotspots in the Sacramento area.  Other Hotspots are located  in District 2 at the Martin Luther King Jr. Technology Academy, in District 3 at Rio Tierra Junior High, and in District 8 at the Pannell Meadowview Community Center.  As each of these Hotspots flourish, program expansion may become plausible.

Any District 5 residents interested in attending the D5 Hotspot, which is provided for the areas of Tahoe Park, Oak Park, and Colonial Heights, can find more information here.