Hello, my name is Sage Lauwerys.  I am currently a junior at West Campus High School, a small, college preparatory school attended by eight hundred students.  I was born and raised in Sacramento, the capital of the sunshine state and the place that I call home.

As a person I am highly motivated to be successful, and I strive to accomplish tasks in a creative, effective manner.  I have always felt that hard work and determination are key in life, and I invest a lot of time in my education and my extra-curricular activities.  I am particularly enthralled by the worlds of writing and music, and by the stories that they tell in a unique, relatable way.

In school I have often found that writing creative essays, articles, or journal entries are both enjoyable and rewarding.  Writing allows every author to express their unique interpretation of any topic in the world, a limitless potential that gives the mind the freedom to share knowledge and experiences.  To me, crafting messages with different sentence structures and rhetorical devices is a fantastic outlet for opinions and communication.

I have also played various instruments and have participated in different music organizations for the past seven years, including the West Campus Marching Band since 2011.

“Sage is just a fine, fine musician in all aspects,” says John Ousley, band director at West Campus High School. “We’re looking for her to expand her… ability, and that will reflect to the workplace where she is trying something new with Access Sacramento… We wish her the best.”

I believe that life is a never-ending quest for knowledge and understanding.  Each new day brings the opportunity to reach out to someone new, and to learn about what makes them different from everyone else.  Learning about other people can teach you as much about yourself as it does about them, which is why I love to interact with others and hear what they have to say.

As a Neighborhood News Correspondent, I am eager to venture into the world of journalism and discover people who love their communities.  This opportunity will bring new insight to my life, and to the lives of many others in the Oak Park Community.  I am very excited to be part of this News Correspondent Team and to see what the future will bring!