Judy Cano
Hello! My name is Judy Cano, I’m 18 years old and currently enrolled in Hiram Johnson High School. Although Hiram Johnson is perceived to have a bad reputation, there are a lot of spectacular programs designed to help and support the students. We have mentors from Sacramento State University assisting with our after-school programs. The after-school programs are designed to motivate and encourage students with their academic goals.

One of the programs I’m involved in includes Peer Mediation in the Student Support Center led by Mary Struhs. As a Peer Mediator our job is to help prevent school violence. This program has been successful with promoting safe alternatives to fighting. I’m also involved with the school newspaper and yearbook classes. I’m the design editor for yearbook, and a page editor for the newspaper. I love journalism and have embraced it as area of future study.

South Sacramento is a very diverse community that is growing everyday. Our community doesn’t have many programs, but we are hopeful that we can overcome anything that would interfere with us doing so. It may seem like we don’t have any type of programs running, but let’s take another look. A strong community, that we have within the whole, is the Vietnamese .

South Sacramento can also be referred to as little Saigon, where common traditions are held. One tradition is the Little Saigon parade. This event is where the Vietnamese community within the South Sacramento comes together to honor the ancestors that helped build this place. Some commonalities within this parade include; traditional Vietnamese dancing, diverse musical performances, and honoring Vietnamese Soldiers.