My name is Jibril Kyser, but to all the restaurants that require a name upon ordering, my name is “Jay”. I am a student at John F. Kennedy High School, and a Pocket/Greenhaven local. I’ve lived in the area for the majority of my lifetime. It’s a wonderful neighborhood to grow up in, its ambiance never gets old.

I enjoy a variety of activities, from playing the drums to surfing and fishing. I recently won my school’s Poetry Out Loud Recitationcontest, and will be moving on to the district level February 6th, where I will be competing against contestants from the greater Sacramento area. I had to pick two poems from the Poetry Out Loud database to memorize and recite; Angels by B.H. Fairchild, and Eddie Priest’s Barbershop and Notary by Kevin Young.

I’m an avid chess player, cyclist, and reader; I also enjoy producing, editing, and directing films. I began my video career in middle school, filming and editing dance videos during the “jerkin movement”, a dance craze that swept the nation after the New Boyz released their hit single “You’re a Jerk”, click here if you would like to refresh your memory. Since then, I’ve been tinkering with iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, and Final Cut Pro, all of which are video editing software. I got a camera last Christmas, and ever since then I’ve been cranking out videos for all audiences. My most recent work was for the United College Action Network’s summer bridge college preparatory program. This program hosted workshops to ensure future college success. program was headed by Keith Herron from Target Excellence, and Dr. Allen Rowe, Executive Director of the United College Action Network.

I was introduced to AccessLocal.TV by Katie Valenzuela from Ubuntu Green, the coordinator of the organization. I volunteer my time to Ubuntu Green most Wednesdays from 3-6pm. I spend those hours behind a liquor store, teaching the inner city families of Oak Park about organic gardening and community development strategies. With the help of state funding from the California Endowment program, myself and the rest of Ubuntu Green’s Youth Leadership squad have installed 79 planter beds in the yards of inner city Sacramento communities, have produced and distributed over 500 pounds of vegetables, and have provided a safe haven for the community members of Oak Park. On a weekly basis, we hold community development workshops that show citizens how to contact their local congressman with suggestions on improving their community’s infrastructure. The main goal of Ubuntu Green is to promote healthy and sustainable communities through education.

Katie shot me an email at around 10 am on a Tuesday morning with the job opportunity in its contents , and I was on the phone with the project coordinator, Isaac Gonzalez, the minute school let out. I am honored to say that I am officially a Neighborhood News Correspondent for AccessLocal.Tv

The Pocket Greenhaven, my beloved neighborhood.