IMG_0265 - Version 2Hello! My name is Adriana Gomez, and I am a new Neighborhood News Correspondent for AccessLocal.Tv. I am so excited to be joining this team of talented people, in addition to learning more about the community that I call home.
What really excites me about this opportunity is being able to meet people and discover new places in Sacramento. Having traveled to beautiful cities all over the world, none of them has had the ability to surprise me the way this city does consistently. It is truly a special place; Sacramento is highly-educated and diverse, with a strong sense of fun and opportunities for everyone. I truly believe in this project because it delivers a new perspective on this community. There are plenty of other news stations that offer the average adult’s opinion on what the news should be, but here, teenagers like myself are making choices on what we think ought to be shared. That is what makes it so unique.
Being active in my community is also very important to me, and I try to express this with the way I spend my time. On the weekends, you can usually find me spending two or three hours cleaning up the Arcade Creek as part of Mira Loma High School’s Arcade Creek Project (ACP), which devotes itself to the care of our community’s watershed. In addition, I volunteer at the local library. It leaves me with a good feeling inside when I see children able to access books that are clean and waiting for them.
I would also like to thank Isaac Gonzalez, Youth Media Coordinator for AccessLocal.Tv and Gary Martin, Executive Director of Access Sacramento for offering me this incredible opportunity, and I look forward to learning more about what beautiful Sacramento has to offer.