Mario Ayala Neighborhood News Correspondent

Mario Ayala Neighborhood News Correspondent

My name is Mario Ayala, and I am 17-years old. I attend The Met High School, a small charter school in downtown Sacramento, and I am currently in my senior year. I was born and raised in the neighborhood known as Oak Park, an older neighborhood with a lot of challenges and people who are working to make it a better place. I’m very proud of both where I live and of my Mexican heritage.

Recently, writing has become my passion. I like to write about subjects or people that might otherwise get overlooked just because of where they live or because of where they come from. I also feel like minorities aren’t represented enough or realistically in day-to-day life. This is the main reason why I pursue journalism. I have also continued doing it because I feel like news outlets don’t get the complete story and only focus on what they feel is important. I have found that writing is the best tool that one can have to express their point of view. It is amazing how putting together sentences about a subject you feel strongly for can cause people to change their perceptions.

During my time writing various different articles and sitting in class listening to lectures, I have really changed my goals and  found an interest for helping minorities. That’s why after high school I plan to attend college and become a lawyer that represents underprivileged groups. I want to make a change, even if it’s tiny, and I want to start in my home neighborhood, Oak Park.  I also want to continue with writing after I complete high school.

Some of my hobbies include boxing and creating music with my group. Music and writing have become two of the most important things in my life. I feel like they help me create a bond with other people who also cherish these things. These two things have really helped me understand life.

I hope to be able to fulfill my role as a journalist and provide quality articles that are also interesting to read about subjects that are important to the community and our city, so stay tuned.