Access Local

For the past two years, Access Sacramento has creatively used its resources to support the AccessLocal.Tv program. Originally designed to give a voice to communities that are underrepresented in Sacramento County, AccessLocal.Tv has evolved to also be a platform to provide young people with the training and the tools they need to become tomorrow’s storytellers.

To date, AccessLocal.Tv has published over 300 youth-produced articles by over 50 different authors. Now, because of a generous $50,000 grant from The California Endowment, AccessLocal.Tv is proud to introduce our new team of Neighborhood News Correspondents. These six youth people represent a diverse sample of Sacramento’s population. They are charged with telling the story of the partner organizations and residents within the Building Healthy Communities initiative, also funded by The California Endowment, and how they are working together to provide healthier life outcomes to the people who live in South Sacramento.

Over the next week, be sure to come back daily to read introductory articles by our Neighborhood News Correspondents and watch the videos they’ve produced which highlight their communities. Over the next four months, check in with AccessLocal.Tv often to read, see, and hear about all kinds of subject matter you won’t see on the 5 o’clock news. We’ll be producing written articles, video vignettes, podcasts, and even a television series on the Access Sacramento Cable channel, all featuring stories from Sacramento.

Thanks again to The California Endowment and Access Sacramento for their continuing support to this unique program.

-Isaac Gonzalez

Youth Media Coordinator, AccessLocal.Tv