During the Elk Grove Fallbrook Neighborhood Meeting, Officer Dan Templeton discussed residential burglaries that were occurring primarily on the west side of Elk Grove.

They are gaining access into the homes by going through the second story windows of homes by using ladders or by climbing on patio covers.

On Monday the suspects moved closer to the east side of Highway 99 with four residential burglaries were reported on the east side of Elk Grove.

In each case, it appears the suspect(s) are using a ladder to gain entry to open/ unlocked windows.

They received two possible suspect vehicle descriptions:  A white panel van with a ladder attached to the roof on the passenger side; and a Silver minivan (no further details)
Officer Templeton asked us to pass this information on to the neighborhood.

Should anyone see any suspicious activity or these vehicles, contact EGPD dispatch 714-5115.

Neighbors are reminded to secure their windows, including their upper story windows. And keep an eye out for unusual activity and vehicles. Report any unusual activity to the Police.