Access Sacramento’s license application to run a low-power FM radio station should be granted soon after Feb. 14.

As a singleton applicant for the frequency 96.5 FM, Access Sacramento’s paperwork was “Accepted for Filing”  Dec. 12 which means all of the engineering data is approved for the proposed broadcast site in midtown Sacramento.

Once approved and built, the LPFM station would reach from approximately West Sacramento to Sacramento State in the east, and  from Sleep Train Arena in North Natomas to Florin Road in the south.

Overall, all applications in America remain in a holding pattern for another three weeks while the Media Bureau of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) allows groups who have applied for the same frequency to attempt to negotiate a solution on how to proceed.

Between now and Feb. 14, applicants can also file minor changes in their engineering specifications.

In Sacramento, for example, both the Process Theater, Inc. and the Sacramento Blues Society applied for the frequency 93.3 FM, but a settlement letter was submitted to the FCC, and Process Theater, Inc. was “Accepted for Filing” and the Sacramento Blues Society’s paperwork was dismissed.

This type of negotiation is typical and will continue through the middle of next month.