Access Sacramento radio producers are finding a completely remodeled Studio Two when they return this week.

A brand new Audio Arts R55E audio board, JBL Studio Monitors, microphones and mic accessories are ready for use.  Staff replaced the microphone booms and added shock mounts and new windscreens for cleaner and more vibrant audio capture.

Access Sacramento's upgraded Studio 2 with Audio Arts R55E audio board and new microphones.

Access Sacramento’s upgraded Studio 2 with Audio Arts R55E audio board and new microphones.

Radio Program Director Shane Carpenter and Broadcast Engineer Tim Parish did the installation over the normal holiday break in order to minimize the potential impact on regularly scheduled production time.

During the holiday break, the radio station operated on automation and traditionally runs pre-recorded programs for two weeks while production and engineering staff do inventory and routine maintenance.

“The new equipment improves the overall sound quality and production experience from Studio Two,” said Carpenter. “The new equipment has a crisper and more robust sound.  Radio producers will bask in the audiophile richness of the JBLs and our listeners should really enjoy the improved sound from the new board and processing.”

The Access Sacramento studio also benefits from a bigger equipment rack that now houses the automation computers with space for additional gear for additional expansions later this year.

“The new gear brings Studio Two into parity with Studio One and will be great once our radio shows are heard on an over-the-air Low Power FM (LPFM) radio station,” said Gary Martin, Access Sacramento Executive Director.  “We’re hoping to hear from the FCC later this month that our license request has been approved.”

The LPFM station would be connected to the existing Access Sacramento audio programming and could be heard in the midtown area from West Sacramento to approximately Sacramento State, and from North Natomas to about Florin Road.

In anticipation of the license, for example, Access Sacramento has already purchased the required Emergency Action Notification equipment needed for broadcasters to receive and rebroadcast official news and information during times of emergency.

Some additional equipment installation and testing will continue for several weeks, but operationally, radio producers will begin using the equipment immediately.

“We’re experiencing a renaissance of sorts in radio and throughout Access Sacramento,” said Carpenter. “Moreover, it’s truly a great time to be here.  Feel free to stop by and check out the new facility.  Better yet climb aboard and share your voice as Access Sacramento makes local radio history “One Voice at a Time.”

Audio Art R55E audio mixer and microphone.

Audio Art R55E audio mixer and microphone.