“Electronic Mix”







This episode of Listen Up! Sacramento features several past performances by some very creative people with an electronic influence to their sound. The band “The Buk Buk Big Ups” visited Listen Up! Sacramento  with a very entertaining group of fellas. The costume clad band pre-recorded part of their music and utilized live vocals for an overall amazing ‘air band’ style show. We also take a peek back at a D.J. set from “Da Fruitbat”. His artistic mixes and custom beats really put him in the mood to keep spinning with a drive that makes people want to keep dancing. We also are featuring a unique Listen Up! guest “Chopstick”. The performance includes the use of a guitar and a Theremin, an electric instrument that was most popularly known for its use in mid-century sci-fi films. He also utilizes a slew of pedals for distortion and other electric noises. If you are a fan of electronic music and creative noise this episode is for you. We appreciate our local music community and we hope you will, too. Enjoy!


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