Now is the time to sign up for Access Sacramento’s first round of production classes if you are interested in creating video programming with Access Sacramento.  Whether you’re interested in making projects using a single-camera Hollywood-style approach where you edit your film in a computer after grabbing the shots in the field, or whether you want to make a live-to-tape studio type production with limited editing, Access Sacramento can help.  Radio Producers learn hands-on as well in our small two student training sessions.

Access Sacramento's Live Wire! is one of the programs where newly trained members get a chance to help with a "live" TV show.

Access Sacramento’s Live Wire! is one of the programs where newly trained members get a chance to help with a “live” TV show.


Only members may sign up for the workshops though, so take the first step to a membership by attending a free orientation session.  Executive Director Gary Martin typically does the introduction to Access Sacramento including its mission, funding, and history including a tour of the facilities and explanation of the benefits of a membership.

Martin is also there to answer any questions you may have.


Free orientations sessions are regularly scheduled from 6:00 to 7:15 p.m. on the second Tuesday and fourth Wednesday of every month.  Call the main office at 916-456-8600 to make a reservation.




Tuesday, January 14

Wednesday, January 22

Tuesday, February 11

Wednesday, February 26


Membership is $30 annually.


The class that is most like making a Hollywood film is called the Basics of Digital Camera/Editing.  Enrollment is limited to eight members. $50.


Eight three-hour hands-on classes are scheduled.  The first four teach how to use Access Sacramento’s high-definition portable check-out cameras.  The last four sessions provide an introduction to editing video in a computer using Apple’s Final Cut Pro software.  Members who attend the class and receive a certification are allowed to schedule and check out the cameras and use the editing equipment free of charge for projects intended to air on Access Sacramento’s channels.


Basic Camera & Editing (8 weeks) Begins:

Tuesdays, January 7

Wednesdays, February 12

Tuesdays, March 18

Wednesdays, April 23


The class that helps members create programs that are most like an interview public affairs show, game show, or news style program is TV Studio Operation/Production.


Six three-hour hands-on classes are scheduled and two follow up sessions working on programs in the Access Sacramento studio are required.  Members learn the basics of working in a TV studio and control room.  Basic Camera operation, audio set up, directing, switching and basic graphics are included. This is an excellent class to invite friends/family to take with you so you can create a show together.


TV Studio Operations/Production (6 weeks) Begins:

Tuesdays, January 7

Saturdays, February 1

Tuesdays, April 1

Saturdays, Mar. 29


Radio Production Workshop


Scheduled on a first come, first served basis for only two students at a time based on studio space.  Learn how to be a DJ or host a radio interview show with our hands on training.


Visit the Access Sacramento website for the latest details and scheduling information.  Classes fill up quickly due to small class sizes.  Already a member, make your reservations by phone with a credit card, call 916-456-8600 extension 0.