Interning At Access Sacramento Creates Opportunity


By: Erika Bradley

Access Sacramento Intern

Currently I am a student at Sacramento State majoring in Mass Communication with a minor in Journalism. At this time I do not have a specific career in mind, however, I do know that in some way I would like to work in the media.

Interning at Access Sacramento is a great way for me to accomplish my goals and get the experience I want. I am looking to get experience in television production, learning all different types of jobs associated in the production process. It correlates with my studies in several ways. First, communication is very important in production.

There are many other people to communicate with when filming to make sure that everything from set-up to the actual filming to tear down goes as well as possible. I want to minor in journalism because I want to also know how to write and report. This way I know more about all of the parts of production verses only part of it.

So far I have learned a lot at Access Sacramento. It will definitely help me in my future career goals because it is hands on knowledge and experience. If I decide later on that I really do want to work in television production I will have had a lot of experience with all sorts of jobs that are part of the process of filming and could get hired in TV production over someone who does not. The most important part of wanting to work in TV production is not from just reading about how to do it, but actually doing it.

Access Sacramento is a great place to intern because there is a lot of opportunity there to learn what you want. There are classes that can be taken that certify you to work in the studio, use cameras, go on location shoots with the Access truck and much more.

For example, I took the truck class and have been certified to film events such as Game of the Week high school football games. By doing this I have learned how to build graphics for the game, instant replay and other jobs that I had no experience with before. Anyone interested should be prepared to learn how to take care of, set-up and take down equipment.

The process of filming an event will be something else that one will get used to as well as switching jobs. At Access Sacramento they want people to not just get stuck doing one job, but have the knowledge of many so that you learn more, as well as being able to fill in for other people.

As an intern at Access Sacramento I get to work with great people and get the kind of experience I want. Access Sacramento is more than just television. They also have radio as well as internet resources. I recommend interning here to anyone interested in learning more about production.