The Internship Experience So Far


By David Stewart

Access Sacramento Intern



A journalist is always talking to people, whether they are the center of the story, they can be supportive with quotes and background information. Being a journalism major at American River College, any experience or internship where you are in constant contact with the public is a big benefit.


The internship experience so far at Access Sacramento has helped improve my communication with the public and co-workers, and helped develop a professional approach to being on the job.


Being a journalist also requires writing articles and stories. Access Sacramento provides me the opportunity to work on its newsletter by both writing articles and  doing the layout. These skills are essential to being a journalist.


Every job has basic skills that are universal: communication, organization, basic computer knowledge, people skills. My internship experience has enhanced these abilities through constant use, and hopefully, making me a worthy job applicant.


Constructive advice for interns: stick with it. All jobs can seem difficult when your start, but stick with it. Usually, all it takes is practice and patience. Always ask questions and never be afraid to ask for help. Questions and their answers play a big role in helping to learn more about the career that interests you. Retaining those answers will help you become more independent, making you more likely to be hired. Lastly, have fun and keep a positive attitude. That ability shows you really are ready for the job.