By Erika Bradley

If you consider yourself a lover of delicious food, this week’s Farm-To-Fork Festival is sure to have something for you. The festival will have cooking demonstrations, tastings, informative nutritional information and much more.

The Farm to Fork festival is all about teaching participants about how their food gets from the farm and onto their plate.  A a variety of local restaurants and grocery stores will be on hand as well as, a selection of mobile food trucks along with beer and wine tasting.

“The festival is a great opportunity for people to learn all about our area’s rich agricultural life and the amazing local foods available in our community,” says Kate Stille of Nugget Markets, one of the local vendors who will be at the festival.

The Farm to Fork festival is a great way to come and see one of the best examples of what Sacramento offers its community.

“It is a great opportunity for the public to come out and experience the  amazing bounty of this region,” says Amber Stott, founder of the California Food Literacy Center. “The Food Literacy center is about people having access to information about the food they eat. A variety of farmers and chefs will be at the event.”

Stott also says that the Farm To Fork Festival will have plenty of things to do for people of all ages, from blending smoothies through power collected with a stationary bicycle to a demonstrative bee hive presented by the Beekeepers Association.

The Farm To to Fork Festival takes place Saturday, September 28 on Capitol Mall, between Third and Seventh Streets. There is no admission fee, entry to the event is free. Metered parking and some parking garages are nearby the event. Visit californiafoodliteracy.org and click on “Events” to  find a link to the Farm to Fork Week Festival where a parking map is provided.

Visit the first ever Farm to Fork Festival to enjoy the many foods and opportunities the Sacramento region has to offer.