“Film & Music!”

This week LiveWire welcomes back Bob Crimmins, Writer for Living in the West Magazine and Host of their TV program. He will be on the show to talk about his personal non-profit organization, “Coming Home”. It is a program for Vets coming home from being in the military who may need some help with adjusting. He specializes in teaching a computer program called Dragon that helps people write without having to use a keyboard for general typing. He’ll be on the show to tell us all about it.

We also will be welcoming back Nate Schemel from the Sacramento Film & Music Festival. This year’s festival is full of great films in a variety of genres. The films come from all over the globe, but are still a Sacramento based festival. They have a student film section, a short film section, and more. Special features include films made for the 10×10 challenge, a Fashion challenge from the Capitol Indie Collective and Sacramento Bee. On Friday, the 13th it will feature films created for The Poe Project presented by the Sacramento Public Library One Book Read and the Capitol Film Arts Alliance. If you’re wondering where the music fits into all of this, they did not forget; Music videos presented by the Sac Music Seen will be presented on Saturday, September 14th at 6pm. It’s an exciting year for local film. Watch LiveWire to find out more.

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