“A Week Before the PCS Deadline…”

It’s been an exciting summer with ups and downs for the Filmmakers, but mostly ups. Over the summer 10 films have been in production around Sacramento County and on the outskirts of town on location. Each of the films have faced their share of challenges as well as the exhilaration of completing each task required to make a film. Most of the films are now in their last week of Post Production with a few last minute fixes here and there.

“Running Into Traffic” has been putting final touches on their film and is now in post production.

“Resolution” is in it’s end stages of editing and is ready to be put into it’s final format. It’s  putting the icing on the cupcake.

“To Pith or Not to Pith; That is the Question (an entomologic fantasy) “ has completed all of it’s pick up shots and celebrated with a cast pizza party.

“The Tailypo” added some final touches last week after filming their  last couple of pick up shots and is working hard to keep the secret of what’s in the mysterious box that is the ‘shiny object’ of the film.

“The Lottery Ticket” filmed it’s final scene in a local market thanks to some great networking from friends and family. It went into post-production a couple of weeks ago.

“The Players” has been filming at pool playing hot spots around town and cleaning up some audio. They are just about ready to turn in their finalized film.

“The Within” has been working hard at editing and adding their cool F/X. They are even promoting the film online with teaser trailers and fun extras.

“Off the Mark” just finished filming early this month after a tromp around midtown filming at various locations. They are now in post-production.

“American River” suffered a few bumps in the road with scheduling, but are recovering quickly from lost production time. They are in the home stretch.

“Scratch” is just one of the many film and entertainment projects the Ian and the Wynton Family has completed this summer and their family efforts are showing fruition while they prepare for their final rendering of the film.

All the films will be showcased at “A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival” at the Crest Theatre on Sunday, October 6th at 1pm.

The PCS Film Festival likes to share other good works and organizations at the festival. In the past we have featured other short films, improv groups, and poets.  This year there is going to be a special presentation of the first local short film produced by the Northern California Filmmakers Coalition. It is called “Marcus’ Coffee Habit” and it was written and produced by Wanda Madors who is part of the NCFC. You’ll need to come to the festival to see it’s premiere on the big screen.

Tickets will be available soon through Tickets.com and the Crest Box Office. There will be tickets available at the door the day of the event as well. Tickets are $10 for all seats and seating is first come, first served. This is a fundraising event for Access Sacramento and the Neighborhood News Youth Correspondents for AccessLocal.tv. Please share with your friends and family. All ages are welcome.