A list of guidelines has been created to help improvement of Kaiser’s services.

Some of Kaiser Permanente’s  7 million members came to a stunning realization on the 26th of June when an article was posted in the Sacramento Bee concerning a towering fine the company has been levied.

The article by Cynthia H. Craft clearly makes a point that the $4 million fine is the second largest in its history. The reason behind the penalty was simple; Kaiser has been failing to provide mental health care to their patients in a timely manner.

With so much talk in recent news about the mental health care situation in America, it isn’t hard to understand why industries are being cracked down on harder than ever before. However, it also makes some people wonder if and for how long their healthcare provider has been treating them correctly.

According to the article, Kaiser has been forcing mental health patients to wait too long between hospital visits, even going as far as to make patients wait at least two weeks after an appointment to schedule another one. This violates the state’s mental health parity law; it is the rule that mental and physical illness should be treated with the same amount of care in health facilities.

Kaiser’s officials claim that swift and diligent action is on the way. Hopefully, officials for Kaiser and other care facilities will be able to get their health plans in order, fast. It’s not only necessary for Kaiser to be compliant with the law, but  millions of people across California are relying heavily on them for support.

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