Times are changing and moving way too quickly. LiveWire is going to slow down and take a few minutes to celebrate, appreciate and enjoy those changes.

We will be introducing our new Executive Director, Gary Martin. He will tell a us little bit about himself and his plans for the future of Access Sacramento. Ron will be celebrating his retirement and sharing his celebrations plans along with his future involvement with Access Sacramento as an Advocate. We are happy to have them both on the program this week as we spend a little moment reflecting and looking forward.

Information about these new changes can be found by visiting our website at www.AccessSacramento.org

Any requests or questions can be e-mailed to PostMaster@AccessSacramento.org.

We will also be joined by long time Access Sacramento friend, Bob Crimmins. Bob is the History & Health Writer along with many other contributions to the magazine. He will be sharing information about the magazine and its great changes including its name. It was formerly known to many as Senior Magazine, but being enjoyed by more than seniors, they decided to change their name. They were most recently called Sac Mag Live when they added their new TV show and are now known as “Living in the West”. They now reach a multi-generational group of folks in Sacramento and surrounding areas.

For more details about Living in the West you can pick up a free copy at most public locations around town or log on to www.LivingintheWest.com .