“Personal Journeys”

This week LiveWire is all about personal journeys. Both of the guests this week are interesting people with unique backgrounds and stories to share.


Our first guest is Author, Liberty Kovacs. She is a local writer that has written her own life story and mother and wife. She has done and seen many things and one of her any accomplishments comes through raising her two sons, both Pulitzer Prize winning Poets. She has so much to share and she’ll be telling us about her life and her book “Liberty’s Quest”.

For information about “Liberty’s Quest” visit www.rdrPublishers.com



Our second guest is record breaking Christian rapper, Juaquin Fabela aka “Relentless”. He is the world’s fastest Christian rapper and can rap a summary of the book of revelations ins about 30 seconds. When he is rapping he pulls from his life experiences and turns that into a creative and expressive sound. Watch livewire to get a live sample of his skills and hear his story.

To hear some more speed raps from “Relentless” log on to www.YouTube.com/ModernDayBeast.

LiveWire is on at 5pm on Wednesday, June 26th on Access Sacramento channel 17 or watch the simulcast online at www.AccessSacramento.org .