The cast from the 'Secrets' performance. Photo by Ian Bolger.

The cast from the ‘Secrets’ performance. Photo by Ian Bolger.

By Kimberlee Nguyen, age 18

Former Foothill High School Student

A program called ‘Secrets’ visited Foothill High School to talk to seniors and freshmen about the dangers of unprotected sex and STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections).

In the assembly, which took place in the gym, the actors from Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theatre put on a play that was both informative and humorous. They reenacted relationships and situations that can happen among teenagers nowadays. It felt like the audience could relate to what was going on because some members may be sexualy involved with a partner, the most common cause for STI’s.

It was helpful that the actors were like teenagers, creating a scenario of how a couple meets at a party, gets together, and has that talk about sex because that is how most teenage relationships work these days. I liked how they were able to maintain a serious tone throughout the play, yet could add a touch of humor along with it. They made me feel an array of emotions, like sadness and happiness, and didn’t bore me to death.

I thought it was clever and good how they had hotlines in the play and a scene in the clinic, telling a person some devastating news. It showed us that it isn’t bad to get checked out, and if you get AIDS/HIV, there are ways to get help and there is a support system that will be there along the way. We naturally get scared the moment we find out if we got an infection, so I feel this ease the fears just a bit.

Overall, it was very informative and a nice play. I learned more about STI’s and additional ways you’re able to catch any infections. Stay safe!