Vicky Millan takes the ball down the soccer field. Photo by Jose Cuevas.

Vicky Millan takes the ball down the soccer field. Photo by Jose Cuevas.

By Malik Powell, 17

Foothill High School Student

Most high school girls soccer forwards score three-to-five times in a year. This is not true for Vicky Millan, a senior, Foothill High’s captain and PVL leading scorer.

Currently, Millan is averaging 1.077 points per game. In soccer, that’s good. Really good. Her 14 goals and four assists in just 13 games played leads her team and the league.

But she’s more than just a great player. She’s a leader on and off the field, always pushing her friends and teammates to be the best that they can be. While scoring goals is nice, there are other ways to lead in a sport such as soccer.

“Vicky is not only an amazing player; she’s an amazing person with a big heart.” That’s what Tiffany Ortiz, another senior and one of Millan’s teammates said when asked about her. Vicky leads the way by her knowledge of the game, and her care for her teammates as people. She’s not as outspoken as the leaders of other teams, but when she does speak, she is listened to out of respect.

She also can lead by example. A good work ethic is an invaluable and unmistakable trait in a captain. Similar to me and other sports captains around campus, Vicky never wants to come off the field. She plays even when injured, and pushes herself to her limits in practice and games.

“You’re student-athletes. Student comes first,” said Bill Lum, athletic director for Foothill High and head wrestling coach. This statement is true to all athletes, and is also true to Millan. She’s smart, and has always been eligible for sports.

“She’s the ultimate team player,” said Foothill’s head varsity coach, Harley Savauge. “She will do anything to help the team.”

“In my 12 years at Foothill, Vicky is one of the best girls soccer players I have ever coached,” Savauge continued. “She has excellent skill, and can decide a match with a single free-kick. She’s mentally tough.”