By Genie Gil

In studies all around the U.S. the lack of motivation in teens for school has decreased immensely.

Many may ask why, but the answer is right in front of them. The answer may seem a bit logical. Budget cuts are the answer to this. It may seem a bit weird, but it’s one of the main reasons as  to why there is a decrease in motivation in teens lives.

In teens lives, when referring to lack in motivation, it means not graduating from high school and not pursuing a career after that. They stay stuck in quicksand that soon sucks them into a pit of failure.

Many students don’t see how badly this affects the rest of their lives.

Principals, teachers, and parents beside the teens should see how budget cuts affects students from their early childhood.

Speaking with a mother of four, she is one who is worried about her child’s learning opportunities.

Araceli Ayala said, “I’m searching for a better school for my kids.”

Ayala would like a school where her children can enroll in extracurricular activities like learning to play an instrument or learning a foreign language.

“Woodbridge elementary, where my kids go, doesn’t provide these extracurricular activities I want,” says Ayala.

These budget cuts mostly affect minorities, and not only in Sacramento but in all of the United States.

Ayala, like many parents, is weighing her options on other schools her kids could attend. None of the ones that offer these activities are close by.