sac works

“We prepare youth to thrive and succeed in the regional workforce by providing relevant work readiness and employment programs.”

With America’s economy in the shape that it’s in, it can be hard for anyone to find a job, let alone teenagers. The competition is fierce, and even the most hard-working high school student can come across many obstacles along the road to becoming employed. However, with programs like Sacramento Works, many people are learning job skills and entering the job market.

Sacramento Works is an organization dedicated to helping people in the county find employment, teaching job skills, and providing resources. This is good news, especially for young people from the ages of 16 to 21 looking to earn job skills. With guidance counselors, resume writing tutorials, workshops, and more, youths can get a head start on Sacramento’s job market and gain the skills needed to make it in the real world long before they are forced to join it. Hopeful soon-to-be employees can even search their zipcode for nearby job opportunities that match their interests.

Sacramento Works isn’t just for job searchers. The organization also helps employers by connecting them to the best people to fill their open positions. They can post job opening and be met with pre-screened applications and skilled, hopeful employees.

With career centers placed everywhere from Rancho Cordova to Citrus Heights, Sacramento Works is reaching out to people all over the Sacramento area. You can visit their website in the link below and find a location near you.

To check out Sacramento Works, you can go here, where they have forums, resources, phone numbers, and more.