“Great PCS Projects are Now Underway!”


The Place Called Sacramento Film Festival Cast & Crew Call was a great success. Almost 200 community members came out to join in filmmaking fun in hopes of becoming part of a Production team. There are 10 films being created over the summer. The 10 PCS Scriptwriting winners are now Producers and are currently in process of gathering both their cast and crew.

The 10 scriptwriters turned producers were formally announced at the event and we congratulate them! It was a stiff competition this year with lots of great stories and tales of life and inspiration in Sacramento.

Brian Jagger and Assistant for "The Lottery Ticket"

Brian Jagger and Assistant for “The Lottery Ticket”

2013 “A Place Called Sacramento”

Ten Selected Film Projects

“To Pith or Not to Pith: That is the Question! (an entomologist fantasy)” by Colin Swift Swift@LilacNeuronMedia.com

A Young Entomologist must find and pith a rare moth before sunset in order to secure a needed Scholarship.

“The Players” by Karen Orcutt and William Orcutt KAOrcutt@yahoo.com

It’s a whole new ball game for a group of pool hall players. Will they win in this game of life and death?

“American River” by Romeo TrocinoRomeo.Trocino@gmail.com

Discover the beauty and dangers of the American River in this family adventure. Will they be able to keep their heads above water?

“Resolution” by Jessica Benz WordlerProductions@gmail.com

Never before has a cupcake seemed so sweet! There is temptation at every turn for pretty and hopeful Jennifer.

“The Lottery Ticket” by Brian Jagger BsJagger@gmail.com

Could the lottery be the answer to Joseph’s financial problems? He wants to be a good father to his children, but will this really be the lucky win he’s been hoping for?

“The Tailypo” by Dwight Taylor DTaylorCarter@gmail.com

Don’t go messing around off the beaten path. Things could get a little grizzly for a group of bored young friends when they find a mysterious object by the river.

“Scratch” by Ian Wynton CJWynton@sbcglobal.net

Men are such dogs! Chasing women gets Jim in a gravy train full of troubles he couldn’t ever have imagined.

“The Within” by Marc Gardner Ring22Entertainment@gmail.com

A strange sound fills the sky. The Matthews family scrambles to survive and it’s all caught on tape. What the video reveals may lead to ending the invasion but are they in for more than they bargained for?

“Running into Traffic” by Joyce Glover Restorationz@hotmail.com

Young and beautiful, Cynthia’s life is about to change dramatically as she learns about her family secrets and is tempted by a sly and alluring man. Will she be able to dodge the traffic?

“Off the Mark” by Hank CoffinHank.Coffin@gmail.com

An accomplished journalist risks his credibility to help a friend in need with a film project. The topic is ‘hot’ and the ratings will be hotter if they succeed, but will it be worth it in the end?

Romeo Trocino and the "American River" Crew.

Romeo Trocino and the “American River” Crew.

If you missed out on getting to the Cast & Call in person you can still mail us your information. You can send us your resume or any information that might me relevant to what you would like to take part in and specify ‘crew’ or ‘cast’ or both. We will forward your information to all 10 filmmakers. If you are an actor or want to be an extra please include a headshot. For PCS purposes they do not have to be professional, but we ask that you include basics: head shot, full body shot, age range you can perform, contact info, etc. No experience is needed. So, there is still time to be part of the movie making process.

You can send you information to Postmaster@AccessSacramento.org and/or MBarbaria@AccessSacramento.org

Please call Michelle Barbaria or Ron Cooper in the Access Sacramento Office if you have any questions. 916.456-8600 x 0.