Walk Sacramento recently held a forum on pedestrian safety to discuss how to go about improving the area surrounding the intersection of Fruitridge Road and Stockton Boulevard.

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residents talk about the problem

According to data from the city, the intersection of Fruitridge and Stockton is the most dangerous intersection in Sacramento. Both streets are highly populated with cars and have speed limits of up to 40 miles per hour.

“Stockton and Fruitridge is a high volume area,” said Terry Preston, Walk Sacramento coordinator and facilitator of the forum. “There are so many businesses and and apartments and people are walking almost all the time.”

Since residents exhausted ways to improve Stockton and Fruitridge directly, they have moved their focus a block down the road, to the intersection of Fruitridge and 58th streets. This is the site where Michelle Murigi, a West Campus High School student, was struck and killed by a car about a year ago.

Filmmaker Vanessa Hernandez made a video about the intersection and presented it at the meeting.

Getting a traffic light installed at the intersection of 58th and Fruitridge is the priority of Walk Sacramento at this point.

Many residents have always wondered why there is not something already in place there other than a dull crosswalk.

“There are two schools there on one street,” said Patty Foster, a resident of that area. “Most students have to cross Fruitridge to get to school, and in the morning, it’s almost impossible.”

“Many students at West Campus ride the bus or walk,” said Hernandez. “Most of those students have to cross Fruitridge in order to get to school or get home.”

According to the city’s Transportation Programming Guide, the intersection of Fruitridge and 58th has been labeled as a high priority for the last ten years, and still nothing has been done.

Participants stressed going to City Council meetings to continually shine a light on this issue.

“The voices have to be there to stand in front of the people who make decisions,” said resident Mark Williams. “Put your mouth where your feet are.”

Another resident also recommended that the group solicit the help of the Sacramento City Unified School District.

“These are their students,” said Tracy Mendez. “There are two schools which belong to that district on that street, it should be in their interest.”

Community members will be going to City Council meeting repeatedly to speak on this issue. There is also a petition available to sign here.

For more information or to join the cause, click here.