A fruit a day can keep soda away.

Just recently, a family member of mine was diagnosed with type two diabetes. I have always known about diabetes, and how common it was, but never did I ever consider the possibility of one of my family members having it. Diabetes does not call for a few simple changes; it’s calls for a whole new lifestyle.

According to the American Diabetes Association, type two diabetes is the most common, and is mostly found in African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Americans and the elderly. Many people within economically challenged communities are more susceptible to develop this disease. 

As I mentioned before diabetes is a completely life altering disease. For the diabetic and the family a schedule is required. Eating sporadically or whenever one feels hungry is no longer and option. All snacks and major meals are scheduled according to the diabetics medicine schedule. At my house the day starts at 8:00 a.m. with breakfast. My moms day is broken into 3 meals and an option of two snacks. In each meal she can only have 60 carbs and up to 30 carbs for a snack. Her insulin is divided into four injections daily. Fifteen minutes before every meal she takes a fast acting insulin called humalog. My mom eats lunch anywhere between 12-1:00p.m. but her lunch depends on whether or not she eats her breakfast on time. Her dinner follows four to five hours after lunch. At 9:00 p.m. she take another type of insulin called Lantus, a long acting medication to ensure he has insulin throughout the night. 
My sisters and I adopted her eating schedule to make it easier for all of us. Us being healthier and eating together provides a really strong support group for my mom. With less sugars in the house she has less things to be tempted by. Any treat we do have is sugar-free or zero calories. This of course has not been an easy transition, but it has made it a lot easier on my mom. I can’t deny that our new healthier meals have been beneficial for us all. Especially for me and my sisters, who are all now 33% more likely to develop diabetes. We are all taking the right precautions to avoid it. 
A healthier life is always a better one, and while this is not an easy life to adjust to we each are grateful for our health and now value it a lot more.