Common marijuana colors

Common marijuana colors

By Yvonna Williams

20 Hiram Johnson students were surveyed in a computer class about their history of smoking marijuana. Out of those who admitted to having smoked marijuana, 11 claimed to have started smoking in elementary school. 3 of those students said they were smoking by age 7 or 8 years old because members of their family smoked.

Many started smoking weed in junior high school. One student said, “I smoke because it makes me relax. ” Another student said “It relieves stress.” Some smoke because they feel like it and they’ve been through a lot in their past.

9 of the students surveyed believe marijuana is healthy for you while 8 of the students believe it is unhealthy.

Most students say smoking marijuana made them feel great. One student said it made him feel, “Bad, thats why I quit.”

One student said”I get to look back in time when I did and realize how much of a dumb person I was. After I stopped, my grades went from C’s to A’s and I’m proud of that. I’ve been more involved in school and I’m helping other students at a community center to persuade them to stop smoking.”

8 students have stopped smoking or planned to stop soon and 9 students don’t plan to quit. 9 students claim to smoke everyday.

6 students say they are setting a bad example for younger siblings. One student said “My family smoked around me since I was born so I don’t think its good or bad its normal.’’