By Genie Gil

Homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk

Homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk

Has it ever occurred to you that the number of homeless people roaming our streets has increased?

In a recent study on, they believe sequestration is the cause for the rising number of homeless. The lack of employment and sequestration has affected our economy to cause these changes. The loss of jobs causes people not to be able to afford the payments on their houses causing people to have to stay in hotels or cheaper homes. But as time passes and if these people don’t get a job soon they have to rely on sleeping in their cars. Due to the fact that these people don’t have money for gas they become stuck parked somewhere where their cars get towed.

Without a car these people have now become homeless living in our streets.

It’s sad how everyone stereotypes these kind of people not knowing the story behind this person. Yes, some of these homeless have become drug addicts but these people have suffered with, no jobs, no homes, no food. The people without homes, roaming our streets, suffering of hunger are all because of our economy.

“I’m so hungry I can’t go inside this store because I’ve stolen from here before. I stand out here hoping and having faith in God that someone will offer me food so I can eat and feed my family,” said a homeless that goes by “Big Bob”.

So next time you walk by a homeless person, stop and think that maybe you could be in their situation