Statistically, students’ reading scores improve when one or more librarians are present at their schools, despite the poverty percentage of said school. Photo by Steven Koerner.

At a recent school board meeting, librarians around Sacramento found out some very disturbing news. Due to some financial complications, certain districts are planning on reducing and/or discontinuing certain school services. Sadly, library services are one of many that may be severely cut down. Many librarians may soon be facing unemployment, specifically those who have both teaching credentials as well as librarian education.

Whether it is to get work done, study, or just hang out in a calm environment, many students find their school library a peaceful place. For these students, daily patterns are definitely going to be disrupted. For example, in the Twin Rivers Unified School District, a non-credentialed employee may not supervise students unless a teacher is present.

With this reduction on the horizon, Foothill High School’s library staff, Ms. Shannon Pegar and Ligamari, are very concerned for students.

“I honestly believe that the school district is looking to save money,” said Ligamari, “and in the long-run they are cutting off their nose despite their face.”

On another note, there have been studies that prove that school librarians and student achievement are strongly linked. According to an article published on lrs.org, school librarians are linked to improved reading test scores. These increased test scores exist regardless of economy and overall staff losses. If a librarian is gained or stays in a school’s library, test scores improve. Without Ligamari and other librarians like her, students may struggle academically.

Nothing is set in stone yet, so Sacramento’s school librarians may have a happier outcome. Anyone can make a difference with motivation and determination.