In this video the healthy recipe were making is Chicken salad. Chicken salad is an American classic that allows you to make use of last night’s dinner rather then throwing it out. Check out the ingredients and steps below for this recipe.



Green Onions

Baby carrots

Miracle whip


Grounded black pepper

Saltine crackers

Left over fried chicken

photo 1

Step 1: wash all of the vegetables

Step 2: chop all of the vegetables and place them in a mixing bowl

Step 3: shred the chicken and place in mixing bowl

Step 4: place 2 spoonfuls of Miracle whip and a squeeze of mustard on top of the ingredients

Step 5: mix all ingredients together, and then cover the bowl with a napkin and let chill for 20mins in the fridge.

Step 6: place salad on to a bed of lettuce and serve with saltine crackers.